Dumoulin, Belgium


Boilers that can adjust to widely varied demand for steam


These generators supply steam used in commercial dry cleaning equipment, utility presses, form finishers, garment steamers, pressing irons, and to heat water.


2 x CERTUSS Universal 1500 TC with each 100 BHP, gas-fired with CVE



The Dumoulin laundry is a major, modern industrial laundry in Belgium equipped with the latest technology. The current business has expanded due to centralization and expansion of the production.


On the Texcare 2012 fair, the world’s leading trade fair for the laundry, cleaning and textile rental sectors, Dumoulin could see the advantages of the CERTUSS technology for themselves:

  • CERTUSS on-demand steam technology: fast and reliable steam produced in 5 minutes from a cold start
  • More efficiency through innovative air preheating
  • Space-saving boiler design
  • Reduction in costs by low-maintenance design
  • Remote monitoring systems to optimize energy management and decrease operating costs
  • Complete accessories as a ready-to-operate, ready-for-connection unit (CVE)
  • Environmentally friendly: emissions reduced


Dumoulin uses the CERTUSS system on the basis of two Universal 1500 TC units with supply unit for their new laundry.
The system was planned in accordance with the spatial conditions and constructed including the complete piping in the Krefeld factory. Of course each system was tested on the CERTUSS test stand. The operating pressure of the system and the communication between the steam generators were tested and set in accordance with the customer specifications.

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