Universal TC

The Universal TC series offers our highest capacities, along with full burner modulation, and greater fuel flexibility. Various fuel types may be utilized, including LPG, natural gas, #2 oil or a dual fuel burner for natural gas and #2 oil. Universal TC model steam generators are equipped to efficiently serve constant, as well as fluctuating, high pressure steam demands. The touch screen control facilitates operation and gives a bundled overview of current pressures and configurations. All our Generators offer short heat up times and advanced options for remote access and operation.

Model Dimensions (inch)
Steam capacity lb/h Height A Width B Depth C Boiler Ø D Flue gas pipe Ø E Flue gas center F Steam lines (NPS class 300) Weight (~lb)
Universal 500 1102 78 38 68 28 10 57 1 1/4″ 2094
600 1323
650 1433
700 1543 90 46 76 34 12 69 1 1/2″ 2425
750 1653
850 1874
960 2116
1000 2205 100 50 84 39 14 76 2″ 3307
1300 2866
1500 3307 105 56 95 43 20 80 2 1/2“ 5071
1800 3968
2000 4409
The functional principle

By using the water tube boiler principle, the CERTUSS technology for generating steam offers maximum safety, reliability and instant availability of high quality steam.

  • The touch screen control panel simplifies operation and control of the boiler. All system configurations and settings of steam pressure are made here.
  • The pre-heated feed water is delivered to the boiler at approx. 195°F to 205°F. The heat frees the oxygen from water and reduces the risk of oxygen corrosion.
  • The boiler pressure coil is supplied with water through the feed water inlet. The change of phase from water to steam begins.
  • Two-stage integral burners provide precise pressure control, avoiding large swings due to purge cycles, and via full burner modulation.
  • Insulation material is made obsolete by guiding the combustion air from the top of the boiler through an outer shell, and from there into an inner, secondary shell, before delivering pre-heated air to the burner. This unique approach maximizes efficiency not only through increased combustion efficiency, by also by sharply minimizing radiant losses from a shell that remains only warm to the touch at maximum capacity.
  • When the steam has been produced, it leaves the generator through the steam outlet and is then ready for use.
  • The flue gas outlet connects to the chimney with or without an optional economizer.
  • Sediment is flushed out through the pressure coil blow-down valve. The safety relief valve opens automatically to discharge excess steam if the pressure is too high.
  • Quick start time of 3-5 minutes to reach full rated capacity
  • Standard thermal efficiency of up to 87% as a result of unique combined air insulation/combustion air pre-heating design
  • Significant space savings compared to vertical and horizontal tubeless/firetube designs
  • Maximum operational safety intrinsic to the design of the ASME stamped pressure coil minimizes risk to personnel and property
  • Fully automated, pre-programmable system operation via CERTUSS Thermotimat control – start up, shutdown, and blowdown
  • Optional automated short-term cold standby “preservation mode” for safe shutdown over weekends, or more
  • Reduction in field-labor costs for installation due to easy reassembly of pre-piped & pre-wired system components
  • Single-source, full steam boiler system solution, completely UL certified, and pre-commissioned prior to shipment
  • Fuel options include low pressure natural gas, propane, and #2 oil, as well as a dual fuel combination of natural gas/#2 oil
  • Modular construction and quick steam production results in high performance system response from multiple boilers, as well as N+1 redundancy with less installed horsepower, and a smaller footprint.
  • High performance responsiveness to a wide range of steam demands
  • Minimal pressurized water maximizes personnel/property safety
  • Warm-to-the-touch air-cooled shell, even at maximum steaming capacity for increased personnel safety and lower ambient temperatures
  • Minimal and basic maintenance required, with spare parts available up to 20 years
  • Customer commitment, both from the factory and local representatives
  • 7” Full Color, Multi-lingual Touchscreen Display
  • Remote access optionally via Ethernet, Wifi or GSM
  • Operational and maintenance messaging capability optionally via email or text
  • Quiet, low vibration operation

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