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Our Mission

The CERTUSS journey in America began in the 2014. From the inception of CERTUSS America, every effort continues to be made to adapt to the community and its customs, as well understand its ways of functioning. As a global company, we are accustomed to adopting local perspectives and values as it ultimately contributes to our valued client’s satisfaction and trust in our business for the long run. This reflects in our network of local distributors and representatives who share our same vision, spirit and commitment to ensure our support for your investment remains as our priority.

Safe & Reliable

Steam Boilers at a glance

The CERTUSS concept offers a wide range of steam boilers ranging from 185 lbs/hr (5 HP) all the way up to 4,616 lbs/hr (134 HP), and can be combined in multiple modular arrangements of various sizes to meet a wide variety of process steam load profiles.

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Fast Steam Availability
3-5 minutes from a cold steel start to full rated output capacity and operating pressure
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Safety By Design
Ultra-low water content, watertube pressure vessel architecture, & fully air-insulated and cooled shell
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Efficient Design
Combustion Air-Preheating, Fully Automated Operation, in a Minimal Footprint
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Safe & Quiet
Safe enough to install in work spaces (check local codes)

CERTUSS uses an advanced, safe, and reliable water tube design in all steam generators. Our steam generators are developed and manufactured in Germany to the highest standards, and sold all around the world. CERTUSS has earned many certifications for international markets, the most recent one being the ASME Certificate creating opportunities in over 100 additional countries.


In August 2016 CERTUSS America were invited to tender for a project supplied through their local Sales & Service Partner in the Philadelphia area. The equipment would need to supply a min. of 100,000 barrels/year facility, with a fuel supply of natural gas and steam production requirement of 16 hours a day, 5 days a week.

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