When Hans Joachim Schroder founded CERTUSS in Krefeld, Germany in 1957 he didn’t choose the company name without careful consideration. His vision was to create compact, quiet and reliable steam generators like no one had before. Therefore he chose a name that fits the company’s product he envisioned. CERTUSS. In Latin CERTUSS means safe and reliable. CERTUSS is not only our company’s name but it is a description of our products as well. CERTUSS Steam Generators can be placed in the working area and don’t require any boiler housing. Even when in full operation, the outside of a CERTUSS Generator is never hot, but only mildly warm. The proof of our reliability is simple: we keep spare parts stored for over 20 years due to the long life span of our generators. If you should have any questions concerning your CERTUSS Generator you can rely on us to help you immediately.

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