The Junior TC series offers smaller sized Generators for customers who have a lower steam demand. We offer various fuel types, including LPG, natural gas and #2 oil. The TC Generators are our most space saving steam solutions. The touch screen control facilitates operation and gives a bundled overview of current pressures and configurations. All our Generators offer short heat up times and remote operation.

Model Junior TC 80 120 150 200 250 300 350 400
Steam output (lb/h) 185 277 346 462 577 692 808 923
Heating Capacity (BHP) 5 8 10 13 17 20 23 27
Fuels Natural Gas / LPG / #2 Oil
Time to Steam 3 – 5 minutes
Working Pressures (psi) 80 – 420
Height x Width x Depth (inch) 59 x 28 x 48 69 x 29 x 54 73 x 33 x 59
Available containerized yes


  • Start-up time of 3-5 minutes with steam available
  • Thermal Efficiency of up to 90% with CERTECON Economizer
  • Space saving
  • No boiler housing required
  • 87 % thermal efficiency
  • Reduction of piping costs due to decentralized plants
  • Reduced corrosion due to vertical orientation
  • Small ecological footprint
  • Silent operation
  • Anti vibration mountings preventing any vibration
  • Operation without operator
  • Delivery including CVE kit for an easy start
  • Redundancy with multiple plant solution
  • Less water & less hazardous potential
  • Fully adjustable output of steam
  • Ambient outside temperatur due to triplex shell cooling
  • Predictive maintenance: informing of potential issues before they occur
  • Fully automated
  • Minimal and easy maintenance with spare parts available up to 20 years
  • Around the clock aftersales support
  • 7” Touchscreen display
  • Remote access via Ethernet, Wifi or GSM
  • Remote maintenance and control possible with iPad or iPhone
  • Low emissions
  • Less pollution through low water drainage

The functionnal principle

By using the water tube boiler principle, the CERTUSS technology for generating steam offers maximum safety, reliability and instant availability of high quality steam.

  • The touch screen control panel simplifies operation and control of the generator. All configurations and settings of steam pressure are made here.
  • The pre-heated feed water is delivered to the Generator at approx194 to203 ° F.  The heat frees the oxygen from water and reduces the risk of oxygen corrosion.
  • The heat exchanger coil is supplied with water through the feed water inlet. The change of phase from water to steam begins.
  • The modulating, integral burner with the fastest response time, provides precise steam pressure control down to ¼ psi.
  • A) The combustion air intake & fan draw in warm air through the triplex system to preheat the combustion air and keep the outer jacket coolB) Insulation material is made obsolete by guiding the combustion air from the top of the Generator through an outer shell, and from there into an inner, secondary shell.
  • When the steam has been produced, it leaves the generator through the steam outlet and is then ready for use.
  • The flue gas outlet connects to the chimney with or without an Economizer.
  • Sediment is flushed out through the steam generator coil blowdown valve.
  • The safety relief valve opens automatically to discharge excess steam when the pressure is too high.
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