Modular Boilers, for Improved Range, Turndown, & Redundancy

Spreading system steam demand across multiple, quick steaming, responsive modular boilers provides the benefits of greater turndown, operational flexibility, and redundancy. The practice of inefficient combustion across the wide modulating range of a single boiler over-sized for maximum load, with a boiler kept warm for back up, is being replaced by a multiple, modular, on-demand system approach for many steam users. CERTUSS offers not only the high performance and redundancy modern system designers and customers seek, but also does so with less installed horsepower than that needed from other brands, saving space and money.

Currently, for systems where the steam demand is spread across up to four (4) boilers, CERTUSS completely constructs the entire steam system on their factory floor, with all interconnecting piping and wiring, pre-commissioning not only the boilers, but all subsystems; feedwater, blowdown, softening, and chemical feed, which support steam production, and protect the boilers. We’ve manufactured and assembled entire multiple boiler, modular steam generation systems supplying over 18,000 lbs/hr, or over 500 Hp in capacity using this method. This approach makes for ease of re-assembly on site, minimizing field fabrication only to that of connections of external utilities, as well as added assurance for our customers that the system is properly assembled and tested.

CERTUSS modular systems save construction footprint, significant construction time, and therefore installation money. A properly sized CERTUSS steam generation plant, properly laid out, and installed, provides decades of safe, reliable process steam to its owner. German engineering, automation, and efficiency have made CERTUSS a leader in the marketplace, and we are proud to bring that value to North America!

Output up to 18,450 lbs/hr
  • Output loads with high demand or a varying High to Low load demand
  • Ability to remotely control and monitor steam capacity via CERTUSS Touch Screen facility
Flexible Cascade System
  • With a pressure switch fitted to the common steam main, each Generator is activated by a signal to match any varying load requirements
  • Ease of pre-planned maintenance and Insurance inspection intervals catered for with a percentage of steam always available
Combined Multiple Plant
  • High efficiency levels maintained, assuring steam raised to meet demand requirements

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