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Summertime has drawn to a close, kids are heading back to school, the smell of suntan lotion is being replaced by the smell of pumpkin spice, football is back, and at work, it’s “BACK TO THE GRIND”! We hope all of you have enjoyed some vacation time, making some great memories with loved ones this summer, and feel energized heading into the fall season. 

We are very excited to announce that over these past summer months we have completed the move of our homebase here in the US from Philadelphia, PA to Cleveland, OH. Please make a note of our new corporate address, as well as our official mailing address (please send all physical correspondence here), for which we just marked our one year anniversary.

Corporate Address:

CERTUSS America L.P.
600 Superior Ave. E
Suite 1300
Cleveland, OH 44114 

Mailing Address:

CERTUSS America L.P.
P.O. Box 40418
Bay Village, OH 44140

While our corporate address may change as we continue to grow and seek a suitable permanent home here in Cleveland, our mailing address will remain consistent.

More importantly, we believe that this move will better position our company to support the growing demand for our products and services, as well as giving us more flexibility to adapt our business further to the North American market. 

We can never say it enough, but we sincerely appreciate the hard work and contributions of our network of representatives around the country, and for our growing installed base of customers here in the U.S. who have placed their faith in CERTUSS for their own facilities, allowing our further growth and expansion! These are very exciting times for all of us at CERTUSS America as we grow our brand’s presence here in North America, and we’re so thankful to you for being a part of it!

Fall may mean it’s “Back to the Grind”, but we’re “grinding” consistently every day towards meeting the demand for a better process steam solution that CERTUSS uniquely provides, as well as the support needed to maintain your investment.

Shawn’s Two Cents

Boiler operating tips for continued successful operation of your CERTUSS Steam Generator. As with any steam boiler/generator the most important ingredient of your steam plant is water, properly treated water to be specific! It is important to check the hardness of the water being fed into the feedwater tank once per shift. There should be no hardness detected when measuring from the softener outlet into the feedwater tank. If there is hardness present, then there is a problem with the softening system and it needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

You should also be checking hardness from the feedwater tank to the boiler/generator as well. This reading should also be at zero hardness. If this is not zero, then a thorough check of your system should be performed, raw/untreated water is making its way into your system and returning in the condensate back to the feedwater tank.

Running the unit with any amount hard water will lead to scaling of the coil and could cause irreparable damage which could entail replacing your coil. While it is possible to descale the coil if the scaling hasn’t been going on long or the hardness is at the limit of <0.1 grains it is still best not to have any scaling whatsoever.  A few minutes a day to check the hardness of the feedwater can save tens of thousands of dollars and priceless amounts of production downtime. There are other feedwater treatments that need to be performed and checked which we will cover next time. 

Don’t forget to buy this important part!

As part of your routine water hardness testing, you should be using a water test kit that is accurate for the grains of hardness you are trying to measure. Keep in mind the limit of Feedwater Hardness for your CERTUSS Steam Generator is less than <0.1 grains. In order to measure an amount from zero to two gpg, you need to have the Fine Water Hardness Test Kit, part number 7200543. You can order this and more directly from your CERTUSS America Representative. For a CERTUSS complete water test kit you can order part number 7200552, this includes a hard case and full contents.


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