As a family-owned business with more than 16,000 steam boiler systems operating in more than 130 countries, CERTUSS America — a manufacturer of steam boiler systems based in Germany since 1957 — recently relocated its headquarters to Windsor, Connecticut. 

This is just another step in the company’s decades-long story of bringing prefabricated and packaged high-pressure steam solutions to customers worldwide. 

After several years in Philadelphia, the company — which has had a presence in the U.S. since 2015 — celebrated the opening of the new North American Headquarter with an open house in March 2023. 

The company’s Steam Academy is fully equipped with a 33- and 27-BHP boiler steam system. The academy will host numerous industry events, including multiple training and show-and-tell events throughout the year, focusing on live fire training events, preventive maintenance and services, water conditioning, startups, commissioning, and more.  

“The reps, customers, engineers, or contractors who come to this facility will get CERTUSSfied — meaning to learn about CERTUSS’s unique features; the intrinsically safe design of our equipment; and how to improve overall boiler system efficiencies to save energy, water, and chemicals,” said Holger Deimann, president and CEO, CERTUSS America. 

Figure 2. CERTUSS’s Steam Academy is fully equipped with a 33- and 27-BHP boiler steam system.

“The 8,000-square-foot location is home to all sorts of spare parts for the hundreds of customers in the U.S,” said Shawn Hartigan, product support manager, CERTUSS. “We are now stocking all parts and components in Connecticut, increasing our support to our customers as well as reducing their downtime.” 

The facility is designed to help clients achieve maximum efficiency and productivity. Located adjacent to Bradley Hartford International Airport (BDL) and near a variety of hotel accommodations, it is accessible for customers. 

“Experiencing CERTUSS firsthand, as well as touching and feeling our units while operating, convinces everyone who needs high-pressure process steam and wants to generate that in the most efficient and smart way,” Deimann said. “With this facility, we now will make an impact in the traditional boiler world and are able to showcase CERTUSS’s products to a broader audience.”

Figure 3. The future of steam generation has landed in Windsor, Connecticut

Whether customers or contractors are looking to expand their knowledge of their own steam generation systems, need assistance with maintenance or repairs, or simply want to stay up to date with the latest industry trends, the CERTUSS America Parts Warehouse and Training Facility is the perfect place for them. The future of steam generation has landed in Windsor, Connecticut. The owner of the CERTUSS rep Power & Process Inc., Dan Varrone, added “Having CERTUSS America headquarter here in Connecticut will boost our business with this incredible product, and I am proud and happy that my team and I work with CERTUSS and represent this brand,” said Varrone. 

By Jeanine Hitschler, inside sales and marketing, CERTUSS Corp.

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