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As we put 2021 in the rearview mirror, and look forward to the AHR Expo in Las Vegas, NV later this month, I will have to ask you to forgive me, as my train of thought turns to oft-used, perhaps overused analogies about how we play the cards we’re dealt in life. I think it’s probably safe to say we’ve all had to play some pretty tough hands the last couple of years, whether in business, or in life, but if we’re still sitting at the table, it’s because we believe in our resiliency, and our ability to rebound.

Fortunately, when it comes to the business of steam boilers, CERTUSS is one of the strongest hands you can play. Let me put our cards on the table:

LEGACY – while offering an innovative, modern solution, the CERTUSS brand has 60+ years of singularly focused German engineering development, and global installation experience as its foundation

SAFETY – from its inception, the CERTUSS brand’s safety-driven design allows it deliver high quality steam faster, more energy efficiently, and in a much smaller footprint than other boilers

DIFFERENTIATION – in a market of “me-too” boiler products, CERTUSS offers a unique, innovative, modular on-demand packaged solution of unmatched value in the US market.

PRE-COMMISSIONED – while many boiler manufacturers will “test-fire” combustion, CERTUSS fulfills complete commissioning of their entire sole-sourced system together, including not only the boiler(s), but the entire feedwater, dosing, softener*, and blowdown support systems, including all interconnecting piping & wiring before the system leaves the factory.

*except the largest softeners which must be field loaded

AUTOMATION – the elevated safety of the CERTUSS design allows for operational scheduling to be pre-programmed, allowing for system start up, shutdown, and blowdown via valve automation, as well as for the boiler system to be placed in a Standby Preservation Mode automatically, significantly reducing the need for operator interaction, and limiting opportunities for operator error. Water sampling and adjusting chemical dosing are the main duties a CERTUSS system operator needs to perform daily. 

TECHNOLOGY – a full color HMI touchscreen, providing full system monitoring and control capability both locally and remotely, via screen mirroring, or building management software, along with pre-programmable operation; an innovative combustion air pre-heating/insulating shell design; and a VFD flow-matched, fully modulating, purge-cycle eliminating, 2 stage combustion system, are just a few of the truly innovative technological advancements you’ll find on a CERTUSS steam generation system. 

Whether you’re marketing, or in the market for a new process steam generation solution, we know there are a lot of choices, and a lot of noise out there in the marketplace. Across a wide array of applications, we believe that the hand CERTUSS provides, is your best deal.

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Shawn’s Two Cents

Boiler operating tips for continued successful operation of your CERTUSS Steam Generator. As you will recall we talked about hardness in the feedwater tank last time; this time I would like to touch on the subject of Sodium Sulfite in the feedwater. As you may know Sodium Sulfite is used to scavenge oxygen present in the feedwater before it enters the boiler providing a level of protection for the generator coil from oxygen pitting. If the Sodium sulfite used in the feedwater is not kept hot (above 150 degrees F) or is of the wrong type, then it is not doing its job and your coil is suffering a certain death from oxygen pitting which will lead to irreparable damage to the coil and require replacement in a short amount of time. 

In a CERTUSS Generator it is important to note that a Sodium Sulfite rated for one-time pass through is imperative. (a rapid acting Sodium Sulfite is required). There are different types of Sodium Sulfites and they are for different types of boilers and generators. It is important to measure your excess contained in the feedwater tank from the feedwater sample cooler when the feedwater tank is up to full temperature, between 203-205 degrees F. Use the sample cooler to bring down the temperature of your sample to 68-80 degrees F before introducing your testing drops. Perform your test right away to prevent ambient air from mixing with your sample. Use the specific kit part number 7202415 designed for WIN-L 4130 or Certdose to be sure your sulfite excess is 75-100 mg/l. There are still other things to measure and record daily and we will continue with those next, stay tuned!

Don’t forget to buy this important part!

As part of your daily testing, if you use WIN-L 41xx or CERTDOS Win L 4130, you should be using this test kit to measure the excess of Sodium Sulfite in your feedwater. Please be sure to check the expiration date on your current test kit to avoid false readings.  Part number 7202415 is the correct kit for this application. You can order this and more directly from your CERTUSS America Representative. For a CERTUSS complete water test kit you can order part number 7200552, this includes a hard case and full contents.


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