The CERTUSS fully equipped container unit is our solution in case isolation from the rest of your plant is required. It contains all components necessary to operate an entire plant. After connecting the main services and commissioning, steam is at your disposal in less than 5 minutes. The self contained unit is flexible, allowing permanent, as well as temporary positioning. On inquiry we can take over full or partial installation of the steam system. If you choose to contract out to other companies, we can carry out consultation and supervision for your containerized unit.


  • Steam Generator
  • CVE supply unit
  • Softening plant
  • Mixing cooler
  • Pressure reduction station
  • Steam distributor
  • Steam separator
  • Condensate distributor
  • Emergency stop switch
  • …and more


  • Customizable
  • Space saving
  • Complete installation of both Mechanical and Electrical components, leaving only site
  • service connections to be made.
  • Fully insulated walls for protection of equipment against adverse weather conditions.
  • High grade steel walls internally and externally
  • European standard paint finish to customer specification.
  • Fully insulated pipe services internally of the container
  • Optional steel door or UPVC door to suit customer specification
  • Full internal lighting
  • Full internal heating
  • Flexible for temporary or permanent location positioning; Mobile unit
  • Removes requirement for separate boiler-house
  • Allows customer full usage of valuable process floor space
  • Access space for maintenance work  is fixed
  • Reduced costs for site installation work
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