Successful Renewal ASME S Stamp Certification for CERTUSS
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The first renewal of the ASME Certification took place for CERTUSS at the production site in Germany (Krefeld) between 04/23 – 04/24/18. The auditing committee consisted of three inspectors and was international.

The successful renewal of the ASME Certificate for our parent company and the production sites is for CERTUSS America of major importance, due to the ever-increasing demand for CERTUSS steam plants in the continent, the growing number of sales and service partners across the States and the high quality standards and expectations of our clients.

The positive results of the first two years of presence in the local market solidify now and bring fruits. The ASME Certificate is a flagship for high quality not only on the end product but also on all parameters involving production and quality processes. The renewal for CERTUSS is indicative of the consistency in the decision made with the expansion in the States a couple of years ago.

CERTUSS is one of few German Companies in the mechanical engineering sector, holders of the ASME Certificate. In order to meet the latest ASME requirements, intensive preparation, adjustment of the documentation and permanent further R&D of product and machinery are necessary ‰ÛÒ not to forget to mention the constant further training measurements of the involved employees.

CERTUSS America is thankful to the Management and the German colleagues for their efforts and support to the US- affiliate company and would like to congratulate all for the successful renewal.

CERTUSS hosted the international auditing committee of ASME in Krefeld, April 23rd – 24th, 2018