Steam from A to Z: a CERTUSS – Maxi-Therm Seminar and Training
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From May 4th to May 5th Holger Deimann, President of CERTUSS America L.P., represented CERTUSS at the Steam Seminar & Training organized in Montreal, Canada by our business partner Company Maxi-Therm. The Seminar took place at Maxi-Therm’s pioneering Laboratories with a total of 16 learning hours. Presentations were held by Mr. Raymond Lach (Founder and President of Maxi-Therm), Mr. Patrick Lach (Sales & Marketing Manager), Eng. Gabriel Cossette (Project Manager and Technical Support) and Holger Deimann himself – covering a wide spectrum of topics around steam: steam basics, sterilization and humidification solutions, advantages of steam compared to hydronic systems, as well as grades in steam quality and purity.

At the seminar participated several engineering firms offering business solution services from New Jersey, New York and Texas, as well as the technical and maintenance officers of the University of Connecticut and the Montclair State University. Together with them, the sales and service local representatives of Maxi-Therm and CERTUSS.

Besides the state-of-the-art laboratory and the exceptional hospitality of the hosts, the training seminars hosted regularly by Maxi-Therm are distinguished for their efficiency, competence, their explanatory and very direct approach. The discussions during and after the learning hours are in-depth and enriched with examples in the field, gained through the several years of experience in the steam applications that all participants bring together.

Holger Deimann underlined the importance of CERTUSS participation in the seminars as they constitute an excellent occasion for both companies to identify common business opportunities and grow synergies in sales as well as technical developments. Furthermore, they contribute enormously to networking, thus strengthening the presence of CERTUSS in the market.

Maxi-Therm has already announced two more seminars to come in 2017, June 15-16 and October 12-13. CERTUSS will be represented to the June seminar by Mr. Jacek Grob, VP Business Development at Boilersource, a Division of Meilner Mechanical Sales Inc. and representative of CERTUSS for Illinois, Wisconsin and Northern Indiana since Jan 2015. Mr. Grob is a Sales Engineer (Degree in Medical Engineering, Oakton Community College) with a more than 20 years’ professional experience in steam. For interest in participating at one of the upcoming seminars, please fill in the online form.

Mr. Raymond Lach, Founder and President of Maxi-Therm.

Inside the Maxi-Therm Laboratory, the technical seminar of Mr. Gabriel Cossette.

Mr. Holger Deimann illustrates the advantages of the CERTUSS rapid and highly efficient steam generators.

Some of the participants of the latest Steam Seminar & Training at Montreal, Canada. CERTUSS thanks all participants for the numerous questions and the vivid discussions held May 4-5, 2017.