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From May 14th to May 18th our parent company CERTUSS Dampfautomaten hosts at their Headquarters and production site in Krefeld, Germany a 45-hours seminar for a group of service technicians from the States.

Our guests are coming from Pennsylvania, Illinois and Texas and represent the technical force of our local partners J.Lorber Co., Boilersource and Willbanks respectively.

The seminar covers not only the start-up and commissioning themes, including mechanical aspects, service and maintenance practices, but also complex IT and remote operation topics.

To round up the intensive learning program CERTUSS has organized social events for our eight guests, including short sightseeing in Krefeld and Dusseldorf, dinners with German and European cuisine, as well as a brewery tour in one of the oldest breweries of Dusseldorf obviously, fully CERTUSS equipped.

A great learning and training experience at the production site for the American technicians and at the same moment a very significant exchange of views and experiences among steam specialists from both sides of the Atlantic.