Highlighting Pennsylvania’s Sweet Spot at Hannover Messe
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Highlighting Pennsylvania’s Sweet Spot at Hannover Messe
March 30, 2016
Kate Skopp is the Director of Global Partnerships for the Pennsylvania Department of Community andEconomic Development’s Office of International Business Development.
Great companies are built in Pennsylvania — including international ones. Not only is Pennsylvaniahome to more than 6,450 foreign-owned businesses employing more than 275,000 people, we are alsoone of the nation’s fastest-growing exporters. Pennsylvania has produced creative and visionary ideasand products for years, and Hannover Messe gives us the opportunity to highlight Pennsylvania’ssweet spots: our historic, robust industries that have shaped our state’s economy and infrastructure.
The manufacturing industry has long formed the foundation of Pennsylvania’s economy, a statusmaintained over the years through dynamic evolution to meet modern needs, and the incorporationof world-class research and development. With our strategic location allowing access to six out of the10 largest U.S. markets and 60 percent of the U.S. and Canadian population in a single day’s drive, it’s no wonder manufacturers look here to grow their businesses. Six international airports, threeinternational ports, and thousands of miles of interstates and railways keep Pennsylvania companiesconnected to their suppliers and customers, and keep their goods moving quickly and efficiently.
Pennsylvania isdeveloping cutting-edgetechnology in automationand manufacturingprocesses. We are workinghard to develop a skilledand trained workforce toaccommodate everymanufacturing need,emphasizing STEMprograms and trainingstudents at first-rateuniversity labs in thelatest in additive printing, lasers, and robotics.
That state of Pennsylvania has helped shape the U.S. manufacturing industry since the country’sinfancy, and it has the knowledge, hard workers, and pre-existing infrastructure that go hand-in-handwith more than a century of helping building America. Manufacturing accounts for $82.9 billion ineconomic impact in our state. With more than 14,460 manufacturing businesses located in thecommonwealth, we are ready to continue to create great products for our consumers. HomegrownPennsylvania companies are using Hannover Messe as a platform to showcase their expertise andquality products. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania also works closely with SelectUSA toshowcase how we can help more companies succeed in our great state.
More than a dozen Pennsylvania companies are taking advantage of Hannover Messe to showcasetheir products and services. Reaxis, a company located in the Pittsburgh region, manufacturesspecialty chemicals, while PCI Laboratories in the Philadelphia region makes high performanceUV/EB coatings. Allegheny York Company, located in South Central Pennsylvania, manufacturesseals and packing for various uses.
Two years ago, German steam generator manufacturer, CERTUSS, met with the representatives fromPennsylvania at Hannover Messe. The company ultimately made the decision to locate inPennsylvania to establish its commercial activities for North America. The choice of Philadelphia forits U.S. flagship is both strategic and somewhat nostalgic. CERTUSS and Philadelphia share acommon heritage: 13 families from Krefeld, Germany — where the company was founded and isheadquartered — were involved in the founding of the City of Philadelphia. Beyond this historicalconnection, CERTUSS valued Philadelphia’s strategic position along the economically significantNortheast Corridor, its freight transport (seaport, airport, and rail) infrastructure, and the humanresources available in terms of existing high-skilled workers and graduates of the area’s colleges anduniversities. CERTUSS is using the resources available from CBEI Commercialization Center at theNavy Yard and state and local economic developers to capture the potential for growing in the U.S.market.
For companies considering Pennsylvania as a location to do business, the state offers an array ofcomplimentary and confidential services. Everything from researching sites, developing a supplynetwork, export assistance, and recruiting quality employees can be accomplished with the assistanceof the Office of International Business Development. Working together with our team of internationalforeign direct investment representatives and local partners, we provide the overall support andtechnical assistance required by foreign companies looking to invest, expand, and operate a businessin Pennsylvania.
Pennsylvania will exhibit at Hannover Messe in the premier U.S. pavilion (Hall 3, Floor 6, Booth 22),sharing the space with three Pa. partners: Select Greater Philadelphia, Pittsburgh Regional Alliance,and CORE PA. Manufacturing is a legacy industry in Pennsylvania that continues to shine today.
Pennsylvania is the culmination of more than 200 years of revolutionary industry and intellect thatbegan with the birth of our country. Since then, our state has proved to be a crucible for bold andimaginative ideas and thinkers, resulting in longstanding, successful legacies that are now commonhousehold names across the United States. Businesses don’t just succeed in Pennsylvania, theybecome institutions! Visit with us at the show to learn more about why companies from all over theworld choose Pennsylvania and how we can help you succeed here too!
For more information on how Pennsylvania can assist investors, manufacturers, economic developmentorganizations, and more, visit www.newpa.com/intl and follow @investPA on Twitter.

Highlighting Pennsylvania’s Sweet Spot at Hannover Messe