CERTUSS is expanding into the USA

The family company CERTUSS Dampfautomaten GmbH & Co. KG established on October 1st 2014 the company  CERTUSS America  L.P. located in Philadelphia,  state of Pennsylvania.

From now on, CERTUSS commercial activities on the North American market will be carried out from there. For 2015, the focus will be to develop and extend the partners network, to train technicians and also to develop the CERTUSS brand awareness in the USA thanks to specific marketing tools.

The location of Philadelphia has been chosen for the strategic favorable infrastructure from this port city and the focus of this eastern metropolis on the “green economy”. The energy-efficient CERTUSS products are therefore a good way to enter this market.

CERTUSS America L.P.
The Center for Building Energy Science (Building 661)
4960 South 12th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19112, USA
Tel: +1 215 320 0021

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