CERTUSS in Dairyland

After having firmly established itself on the Eastern Seabord, CERTUSS found the ideal new partner for America’s Dairyland and the Water-Winter Wonderland!

McCotter Energy Systems Inc. with headquarters in Milwaukee (WI) and two further operating centers in De Pere (WI) and Norway (MI), has many important features in common with CERTUSS: it is a family-owned enterprise with a 60+ years’ tradition of successful endeavors and a first-rate reputation for their steam expertise and their business ethics. Dan McCotter with his over 25 years experience on the field together with his strong team know how to identify opportunities in the market and supply the client with the most efficient technical solution to his needs and now have solid expectations with the CERTUSS steam supply solutions.

After an introductory training, Dan and his team are now eager to get the first projects with CERTUSS boilers in their market done, targeting mainly but not exclusively the dairy industry, as well as the food processing and healthcare sectors. CERTUSS welcomes the McCotter team and commits to support them all the way to their efforts.

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