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Heidelberger Beton GmbH

Heidelberger Beton GmbH

Cement Plant
Heidelberger Beton GmbH


Heidelberger Beton Gmbh, Munich

Project / Order

– Steam to heat water and aggregates: gravel and sand.
– Immediate steam availability even after long shut-down periods.
– Compact vertical design and therefore less demanding installation requirements.


The CERTUSS steam generators Universal 500 – 2000 TC are characterized by the immediate output adjustment to the respective steam requirements which saves energy and thus costs.


2012: 2 x CERTUSS Universal 500 TC with each 35 BHP, steam output each 1102 lb/h, fuel-fired.


The steam is used for a 880 gallons water-heater and six steam units.

Heidelberger Beton GmbH

The Heidelberg Cement Group has installed CERTUSS steam generators in nine locations throughout Germany since 1984.
The factory in Oberbrunn produces Ready-Mixed concrete for the construction of buildings, roads, and bridges as well as special cement.
Steam is used to heat water and aggregates like gravel and sand. It operates a 880 gallons water-heater and six steam units.
The trucks’ tanks are filled with warm water, whereas the concrete would not exceed 50 °F.


The CERTUSS Universal 500 TC multiple plant has a steam output of 2200 lb/h.
Some of other benefits:

Short heat-up time. Full steam output is reached after a maximum of 5 minutes.
Immediate output adjustment to the respective steam requirements which saves energy and thus costs.
Thermotimat control unit for fully automatic operation.
Secure installation without foundation at low space requirements.

Installation and operation

The Installation and commissioning were carried out by the CERTUSS service team. Thus, the expensive TÜV control was not necessary. The steam generator Universal 500 TC belongs to the module category III (as per the guideline 97/23/EG for pressure vessels).
No permit is required for installation and use in Germany. CERTUSS service is qualified to carry out inspection (up to a working pressure of 290 psi).

We chose a battery plant to cover our base need. With a peak-production of 80 m³ concrete per hour, we turn on the second steam generator. The plant is located in 10 meters high directly next tot he mixer platform. We chose CERTUSS again because the plant requires low space, it is robust and reliable.
Reiner Schmidt | Technical Manager Heidelberger Beton