Ningbo No. 6 Hospital
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Ningbo, China


Fuel efficient, low maintenance and environmentally friendly steam solutions
Highly reliable Generators


These generators supply clean steam which may be used in sterilization, disinfection and air-conditioning.


2 x CERTUSS Universal 600 TC with each 40 BHP, gas-fired with CVE

Our customer

Ningbo No.6 Hospital is a comprehensive hospital built according to the National Class-B standard. More than 300 doctors and nurses are employed and over 300 beds are available for patients, including 8 beds for surgery operations.

The order

The CERTUSS steam generators were purchased by Ningbo Condor Import & Export CO. LTD, a medical and hospital equipment company. By choosing CERTUSS state of the art’ steam generators which are fuel efficient, low-maintenance and environmentally friendly, Ningbo No.6 Hospital chooses efficiency, environmental protection, safety and user friendliness.

The solution

CERTUSS supplied 2 Universal TC 600 Generators, gas fired and with CVE CERTUSS Verified Equipment to Ningbo. The CERTUSS gas burners with modulating output control, the innovative air preheating and the use of two-stage burner technology ensure unbeatable advantages in speed and efficiency.
The system is supplied as a complete boiler house installation, with complete piping, with electrical sub-distributor, feed water tank, mixing heat exchanger, steam dryer, desalination cooler and all the accessories required for the steam system in a compact design.
Thanks to the installed cascade circuit, the CERTUSS system adapts rapidly to the respective steam requirements.
The interconnection of the steam generators allows an automatic change over between the lead boiler and standby boiler, ensuring not only a notable reduction in fuel consumption, but also equal operating times for both steam generators.
The system is operated fully automatically without constant supervision by the operating personnel being required.
The energy consumption is reduced further by the use of CERTUSS Economizers. These are flue gas heat exchangers that utilize the exhaust gas heat to increase the feed water temperature.
During full steam generation the burner output is reduced – resulting in a fuel reduction of approximately 5% and reducing the CO² emission.

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