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Harlan Laboratories Ltd.


Business expansions required more steam


Humidification purposes


10 CERTUSS 650 Generators

Our customer

Harlan Laboratories Ltd. specializes in research models, animal diets, bedding, and research model services. They offer local as well as international customers expertise.

The order

In 1988 CERTUSS UK installed their first Generator, a 1433 lb/h Gas fired unit at Harlan Laboratories Ltd (who were at the time trading under the name of Safepharm Laboratories).
Due to Harlan Laboratories Ltd continued expansion of business they contacted CERTUSS for quote.

Our solution

CERTUSS UK have now supplied 10 no 650 Generators to the site.
The generators are situated in 2 separate boiler houses. One boiler house sited on the eastside of the site has 4 x 650 Dual fuel fired Generators and 2 x 1433 lb/h Oil fired Generators and a boiler house on the west side of the site has 3 x 650 Gas fired Generators and 1 x 650 Dual fuel fired Generator. All of the CERTUSS Generators operate on a fully Automatic facility with integration to the site BMS system.
CERTUSS UK carried out the full installation of both boiler houses, that function individually, in liaison with Harlan Laboratories engineers, ensuring full production requirements were maintained in all instances.
CERTUSS UK currently has a history of working on the Harlan site in excess of 26 years and in particular with the same Manager of Engineering Services Mr. Graham Statham.

The advantages

Although both boiler houses operate individually to various areas of the site supplying steam in general for humidification purposes, the steam and condensate services have been installed with a by-pass valve facility, allowing each boiler house the opportunity of supplying the full site individually.

CERTUSS UK have provided Harlan Laboratories Ltd with efficient services and back up throughout the years that we have had CERTUSS Generators installed, including weekends and evenings, their Engineers have been second to none. I see it more of a partnership than a contract. Harlan Laboratories Ltd depends on steam 24/7 all year round” – Mr. Graham Statham Manager of Engineering Services, Harlan Laboratories Ltd.

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