Guys & St. Thomas Hospital
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Guys & St. Thomas Hospital, London, UK


A steam peak load of 6276 lb/h, steam production required 24/7/365




4 CERTUSS 2000 TC Generators with each 135 BHP, gas fired and 2 CVE Certuss Verified Equipment units.

Our customer

Guys and St. Thomas Hospital is located in London, between the London Bridge, Tower Bridge and the Shard Building, making logistics for this project very difficult. The hospital is one of the best known teaching hospitals and is one of only six academic health sciences centers in the UK.

The order

In July 2013 CERTUSS UK Ltd were invited to tender for a project by specialist Mechanical Electrical installer CFES Ltd.
The request was to visit Guys & St Thomas Hospital London, to view the potential replacement of 3 x Stones Steam Generators. Prior to CERTUSS invite to site, we were informed that a Boiler company had previously been invited to site, however they were unable to come up with a solution for the changeover of the equipment, due to the complexity of the task.
The equipment was located on the 6th floor of the hospital, which is situated between London Bridge, Tower Bridge and next to the Shard building, therefore making the logistics for the project extremely difficult both from an external and an internal point of view.
After viewing the site, CERTUSS offered a proposal, which was accepted by CFES as a very viable option. The proposal was forwarded to the Hospital trust and Engineers for review.
In September 2013 CERTUSS were then approached by Northmoore Associates, who were appointed by the Hospital Trust to act as their Consultant and Design team for the project.
Tender details were issued to various Mechanical Electrical installers to submit their proposal for the works, which was to include CERTUSS Steam Generators and Package Plant Modules.
The equipment was to be supplied as to serve a Sterilization system with a peak load of 3498 lb/h and frost coils with a peak load of 6276 lb/h. The system will be operated as Duty during winter times.
Steam production would be required 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our solution

After evaluation of the requirements, CERTUSS offered delivery to site and commissioning for 4 CERTUSS 2000 TC Generators and 2 CVE CERTUSS Verified Equipment units with automatic operation included.
In January 2014 CERTUSS received an order from CFES Ltd, the selected Mechanical Electrical installer, for the supply of the equipment.
Due to the logistics for the project, detailed planning and liaison was required for all concerned. CFES issued a program of works for the project, with installation works being carried out over two phases and which also required the equipment to be delivered in March 2014 on a specified day and at a specific time.
With the requested delivery achieved, the equipment was lifted up onto the 6th floor with the use of a specialist crane company.
Prior to the lift taking place, a temporary platform was built to accommodate the introduction of the new equipment into the building and removal of 1 Stones Generator and associated equipment.
Phase 1 installation works was carried out by CFES, with commissioning of 2 CERTUSS Generators and 1 CVE taking place April 2014. After successful commissioning of Phase 1 equipment, the works for Phase 2 were complete and final commissioning of the equipment was carried out September 2014.
CERTUSS included for 2 phased formal training programs to be carried out with the site engineers.
Until today CERTUSS carry out the annual servicing of the plant, with a full service/breakdown contract in place. CERTUSS also arranged for the water treatment program to be carried out on an agreed service contract by Western Environmental, the recommended water treatment specialists for CERTUSS UK Ltd.

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