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Persie Distillery at Auchenflower
Perthshire, Scotland


Production of gin


1 Container Module with Junior 120 with 8 BHP Liquid Gas Fired

Persie Distillery

It is not very often in life that the opportunity to carry out a passion for something, offers itself in the form of a career.

Simon Fairclough, owner of Persie Distillery, is one such person, who found himself with that very opportunity.

Having become slightly disillusioned with the day to day slog of office life, Simon decided that it was time to look at doing something that he really enjoyed and that would offer back a level of achievement and pride.

So begins the early dawn of Persie Distillery.

Taking his future plight with the level of serious intent that it requires, Simon forged a plan to get to know as much about the industry as possible.

How people react to different flavours and smells.

What attracts a person to a particular type of bottle, label, packaging etc.

This would take a considerable amount of market research. So what is the best way of obtaining this level of information? Simon’s answer was to create “The world’s first travelling Gin Club” and in June 2014, Simon did
just that. He travelled the Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland, inviting people to attend Gin tasting sessions, where Q&A sessions were carried out to gather opinions and ascertain preferences.

Having gathered his information, the next step on the ladder for Simon was to find out what equipment is required to create his Gin. After speaking with various producers and industry experts, Simon started to
contact suppliers within the industry.

A focus on quality equipment and most certainly budgets, were the key areas for concern.

In May 2015 Simon contacted CERTUSS UK Ltd and invited them to tender for the supply, delivery and commissioning of a Steam Generator for his proposed distillery. After discussing the project, CERTUSS arranged for a site visit to offer advice on the best options available.

After evaluation of the requirements, CERTUSS UK offered a tender for the following equipment:

  • 1No. Container Module c/w Junior 120 (8 BHP) LPG Fired Generator
  • Associated ancillary items
  • Delivery to site
  • Commissioning

In September 2015 an order was placed for the supply of the containerised equipment.

CERTUSS contract department arranged for various suppliers to assist the installer with the site services.

During October 2015, CERTUSS were exhibiting at the Craft Distilling Expo in London. This turned out to be a very fortunate event, as the manufacturer of the copper still, a 230 litre copper pot by Muller GmbH, were also exhibiting at the show. This offered a great opportunity for both
manufacturers to discuss the requirements for the site and to ensure that all areas were covered.

The CERTUSS Container Module was delivered to site in Dec 2015, where the site service connections were carried out by a local installer.

Commissioning of the CERTUSS Generator was arranged for Feb 2016, however this was critical, as it had to coincide with the delivery and installation of the copper still by Muller GmbH. Everything went very smoothly
and the Gin was flowing within a very short time.

Persie Distillery produce three flavours of Gin to suit all palates – Zesty Citrus, Herby & Aromatic, Sweet & Nutty Old Tom Gin.

There is a tasting area at the Blairgowrie facility, where a warm welcome awaits all visitors.

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