Im Füchschen Brewery
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Im Füchschen Brewery, Düsseldorf, Germany


No permit required for small work areas with difficult installation conditions.
Automated water quality monitoring
Steam demand up to 2,205 lb/h


Steam as a heat carrier for all brewing processes in the brewhouse and for the CIP cleaning system


CERTUSS steam generators are ideally suited for indoor installation in difficult spaces thanks to their compact and vertical design

CERTUSS steam in the brewing process

CERTUSS has been the steam supplier to this brewery in Düsseldorf for over two decades. After a conversion of the boiler room, the old boiler with an output of 1,874 lb/h has been replaced by a modern battery plant with CVE and automated water quality monitoring.
1,320,861 gallons of beer are annually brewed in “Füchschen”. The brewery runs 24 hours a day. Each CERTUSS steam generator supplies 1,323 lb/h. Thanks to the latest CERTUSS technology, the 24-hour operation is provided by only one boiler. At peak loads, the second steam generator can be switched on.

The advantages

The main reasons mentioned for the choice of CERTUSS steam generators are their compact construction and the license-free installation in Germany.
Another criterion is the material resistance of the heating elements even with complex water ratios.

The solution

The CERTUSS ready-to-use water supply unit CVE and the use of a Testomat for automatic control and monitoring of water quality provide the operator a simple and convenient operation and maintenance of its steam plant.

Since we have the new system in operation, the operation has been easier for us, thanks to the additional technical equipment, such as the Thermotimat control that allows fully automatic operation of our installation. I recommend to anyone who needs a steam generator and has relative water quality to purchase all of the fully automated monitoring components such as the Testomat for water-quality monitoring. The water treatment and the ion exchanger function properly.

Frank Driewer | Brewmaster Füchschen Brewery

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