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Warmest Season’s Wishes!

Warmest Season’s Wishes!

On the threshold of a New Year, our thoughts turn gratefully to our business partners and friends who have made our progress possible.
In the spirit of the season, we extend to you our appreciation for your cooperation and send you our warmest wishes for a joyful and peaceful Christmas celebration, as well as Health, Happiness and Prosperity for you and your loved ones in the New Year.


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With the occasion of the Thanksgiving celebration, we at CERTUSS America L.P. would like to thank all our valued Sales and Service Partners, collaborators and customers
for your cooperation and your positive attitude, for the opportunities you open up with us and for the commitment to our products.
We send you our warmest wishes for a happy and peaceful Thanksgiving, filled with abundance and gratitude, as well as a joyous holiday season.





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Best Environmental Sustainability Initiative Award
We are proud to sponsor the world beverage innovation award at Brau!

CERTUSS official sponsor of World Beverage Innovation Award 2016 “Best environmental sustainability initiative”: supporting responsibility for the future.


CERTUSS has proudly sponsored the World Beverage Innovation Award 2016 in the category “Best environmental sustainability initiative”. The ceremony took place on November 9th during the BrauBeviale in Nuremberg, Germany. The Award won “Ethical Bean Coffee” for their 100% compostable single serve pods. The Vancouver-based Company, internationally successful for their 100% Fairtrade certified organic coffee, recently launched the 100% compostable pods under the motto “Great taste, zero waste”.

CERTUSS investments in the R&D field aim into maximized energy efficiency and reduced footprint by:

  • Reaching full steam output within max. 5 minutes after a cold start, thus no need to keep the generator in standby mode permanently;
  • Adjusting steam output to the respective application automatically through the maintenance of a stable pressure level;
  • Water tube boiler design working with low water volume, thus minimizing emission losses by keep heating up phase short;
  • Reducing water consumption and water pollution for draining;
  • 3-fold air insulation with heat recycling and preheated combustion air serving to energy and cost saving;
  • Optional steam dryer and economizer for heat recycling of the flue gas;
  • Long life span and low maintenance requirements for cost efficiency;

CERTUSS not only guarantees high performance through high energy efficiency on own products, but at the same time supports initiatives worldwide aiming at improving sustainability. Just because we, at CERTUSS, are…

Thinking about tomorrow!


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Internet of Things

The Internet Can Now Cook You a Better Hot Dog

by Stefan Nicola
twitter: StefanNicolaBBG

September 12, 2016 — 12:00 AM CEST Updated on September 12, 2016 — 1:23 PM CEST

•    German carrier targets industrial customers for data revenue
•    Tapping ‘Internet of Things’ means fighting AT&T, Vodafone

Forget about self-driving cars: In Germany, the Internet of Things starts with hot dogs.

CERTUSS Dampfautomaten GmbH, a Krefeld-based maker of steam generators used for anything from cooking sausages to sterilizing medical instruments, used to fly repairmen out to far-flung locations to restart broken-down machinery. Now sensors in the machines send data on 60 items including temperature, steam pressure and flame signal via a SIM card into a cloud operated by Deutsche Telekom AG, flagging potential problems even before they occur.

“The new system helps us reduce downtime for our customers and can cut servicing costs because we can see the problem before having to send someone there,” CERTUSS Chief Technology Officer Thomas Hamacher said. That improves planning — service appointments can be scheduled during regular production breaks, for example. “In the long-term, we expect to have to run fewer service missions.”

While gee-whiz gadgets like drones and self-driving cars steal the headlines, Deutsche Telekom is trying to seize the Internet of Things opportunity in industries like construction and health care, hooking machines to the web so they can work more efficiently. The Bonn-based carrier is vying for customers with the likes of Vodafone Group Plc and AT&T Inc., who all bank on an industrial IoT market set to be worth $330 billion by 2020, according to Research and Markets projections.

“It’s a growing market everyone wants to enter, and we want to put our foot down,” said Deutsche Telekom’s Dido Blankenburg, who is responsible for the business that tends to corporate customers like CERTUSS.

The Internet of Things, an idea long in gestation, refers to a world of connected devices that goes beyond mobile phones and smartwatches, linking everyday objects to send and receive data.

Companies, benefiting from falling prices of sensors, wireless transmitters and cloud storage, are trying IoT solutions to improve relations with customers, reduce servicing costs, and develop new products and revenue sources. McKinsey & Co. estimates IoT’s potential economic impact on factories will rise to as much as $3.7 trillion a year in 2025, mainly on productivity improvements including as much as 20 percent in energy savings and as much as 25 percent in potential labor efficiency improvement.

“With the ability to monitor machines that are in use at customer sites, makers of industrial equipment can shift from selling capital goods to selling their products as services,” McKinsey wrote in the study released last year.

Deutsche Telekom, which cooperates with Huawei Technologies Co. for its IoT offerings, has won clients including shipping company Deutsche Afrika-Linien, which tracks its containers to ensure they arrive undamaged, as well as makers of forklifts and industrial sewing machines to reduce downtime. It’s also selling an IoT “starter kit” that contains all a company needs to outfit a machine — including sensors, a SIM card with a data plan and access to the carrier’s cloud.

Early Days

Deutsche Telekom says it can beat rivals to such contracts because it can offer hardware, operation and related telecoms services in one package. Meanwhile, Germany’s so-called Mittelstand — the small and midsize enterprises that form the backbone of Europe’s biggest economy — remain wary of handing corporate data to foreign companies.

“We operate under the stringent German data privacy law and if our customer wants his data to remain in Germany, we can guarantee him that,” Blankenburg said. The carrier is expanding its German data center in Biere near Magdeburg to boost cloud capacity there by 150 percent, it said Monday in a statement.

While Deutsche Telekom is strong in Germany, globally there is no one clear IoT leader in connecting machinery and sending data back to customers in real-time. Major wireless providers such as AT&T and Vodafone are also chasing contracts in a market that’s in its early days. Deutsche Telekom also sells access to its cloud services to customers, where it competes with large providers including Amazon.com Inc. and Salesforce.com Inc.

Vying in that market with established cloud providers will be tough given a fragmented European regulatory framework that lends natural advantage to U.S. players, according to Bloomberg Intelligence analysts Erhan Gurses and Alex Wisch.

For now, the business is still small for Deutsche Telekom. While the carrier doesn’t break out IoT sales, its overall cloud business generated 1.4 billion euros in revenue last year — about 2 percent of the total. Moreover, it’s still unclear how steep the growth curve will be. Gartner Inc. in November cut its forecast for IoT devices to 20.8 billion by 2020, down from 25 billion a year earlier, with most of them being consumer devices such as smartwatches.

None of that is a concern to CERTUSS. The 59-year-old company, which generates about 20 million euros in sales and invested about 100,000 euros in the new IoT technology, will in the coming weeks deliver its first steam generator to the U.S., to be used in a brewery. CERTUSS banks on the new IoT system to alleviate any of far-away clients’ concerns, Hamacher said.

“The Americans are very happy that we will be able to monitor the unit in real time from Germany,” Hamacher said. “This can help us generate more business abroad.”


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BrauBeviale – Capital goods exhibition for the beverage industry

CERTUSS at the BrauBeviale 2016.

CERTUSS Steam generators renews the appointment with partners, existing and prospective customers at the BrauBeviale 2016 in Nuremberg Germany and welcomes all visitors to their Booth at Hall 4 / 4-340! The worldwide supplier of steam shares their recent developments and technical advancements from 8th to 10th of November with the public.

On November 9th Mr. Holger Deimann, President of CERTUSS America L.P., will hand the World Beverage Innovation Award 2016 in the category “Best environmental sustainability initiative” to the winner.

Contact us for entrance cards to the Show!

Click to learn more about the Show.

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FHEA show October 17th – 19th

Certuss and our partner, Commercial Products, will be at the Florida FHEA show this October 17th – 18th 2016.

See one of our generators there and talk to the experts from Commercial Products.

Click here to learn more about the FHEA show.

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Willbanks & Associates Makes 2016 Inc. 5000 List

We are proud that our Sales & Service Partner Willbanks & Associates is now ranked in the 5000 list of fastest growing private companies in the USA. CERTUSS America L.P. congratulates the entire team of Willbanks and Trey Willbanks to this outstanding performance.
We are glad to work with them!


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Sales training at Willbanks & Associates, Houston

Trey Willbanks (1st from left on the picture) is the owner of Willbanks & Associates, Inc., one of their third generation owner-run family businesses for commercial, modern heating systems and equipment technology. More than 50 employees in the company’s locations of Houston and Austin advise and serve companies mainly in the healthcare and in the food & beverage industries.
In July 2016 a first comprehensive product and sales training was held by Holger Deimann (1st from right on the picture) for the sales and technical staff at the company headquarters in Houston. The WillBanks & Associates Inc. is the eleventh CERTUSS partner for sales, installation, commissioning and servicing of the CERTUSS steam generators in the US states of Texas and Louisiana.


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Highlighting Pennsylvania’s Sweet Spot at Hannover Messe

Bringing American-Made High-Tech Instruments to TPP Countries
Highlighting Pennsylvania’s Sweet Spot at Hannover Messe
March 30, 2016
Kate Skopp is the Director of Global Partnerships for the Pennsylvania Department of Community andEconomic Development’s Office of International Business Development.
Great companies are built in Pennsylvania — including international ones. Not only is Pennsylvaniahome to more than 6,450 foreign-owned businesses employing more than 275,000 people, we are alsoone of the nation’s fastest-growing exporters. Pennsylvania has produced creative and visionary ideasand products for years, and Hannover Messe gives us the opportunity to highlight Pennsylvania’ssweet spots: our historic, robust industries that have shaped our state’s economy and infrastructure.
The manufacturing industry has long formed the foundation of Pennsylvania’s economy, a statusmaintained over the years through dynamic evolution to meet modern needs, and the incorporationof world-class research and development. With our strategic location allowing access to six out of the10 largest U.S. markets and 60 percent of the U.S. and Canadian population in a single day’s drive, it’s no wonder manufacturers look here to grow their businesses. Six international airports, threeinternational ports, and thousands of miles of interstates and railways keep Pennsylvania companiesconnected to their suppliers and customers, and keep their goods moving quickly and efficiently.
Pennsylvania isdeveloping cutting-edgetechnology in automationand manufacturingprocesses. We are workinghard to develop a skilledand trained workforce toaccommodate everymanufacturing need,emphasizing STEMprograms and trainingstudents at first-rateuniversity labs in thelatest in additive printing, lasers, and robotics.
That state of Pennsylvania has helped shape the U.S. manufacturing industry since the country’sinfancy, and it has the knowledge, hard workers, and pre-existing infrastructure that go hand-in-handwith more than a century of helping building America. Manufacturing accounts for $82.9 billion ineconomic impact in our state. With more than 14,460 manufacturing businesses located in thecommonwealth, we are ready to continue to create great products for our consumers. HomegrownPennsylvania companies are using Hannover Messe as a platform to showcase their expertise andquality products. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania also works closely with SelectUSA toshowcase how we can help more companies succeed in our great state.
More than a dozen Pennsylvania companies are taking advantage of Hannover Messe to showcasetheir products and services. Reaxis, a company located in the Pittsburgh region, manufacturesspecialty chemicals, while PCI Laboratories in the Philadelphia region makes high performanceUV/EB coatings. Allegheny York Company, located in South Central Pennsylvania, manufacturesseals and packing for various uses.
Two years ago, German steam generator manufacturer, CERTUSS, met with the representatives fromPennsylvania at Hannover Messe. The company ultimately made the decision to locate inPennsylvania to establish its commercial activities for North America. The choice of Philadelphia forits U.S. flagship is both strategic and somewhat nostalgic. CERTUSS and Philadelphia share acommon heritage: 13 families from Krefeld, Germany — where the company was founded and isheadquartered — were involved in the founding of the City of Philadelphia. Beyond this historicalconnection, CERTUSS valued Philadelphia’s strategic position along the economically significantNortheast Corridor, its freight transport (seaport, airport, and rail) infrastructure, and the humanresources available in terms of existing high-skilled workers and graduates of the area’s colleges anduniversities. CERTUSS is using the resources available from CBEI Commercialization Center at theNavy Yard and state and local economic developers to capture the potential for growing in the U.S.market.
For companies considering Pennsylvania as a location to do business, the state offers an array ofcomplimentary and confidential services. Everything from researching sites, developing a supplynetwork, export assistance, and recruiting quality employees can be accomplished with the assistanceof the Office of International Business Development. Working together with our team of internationalforeign direct investment representatives and local partners, we provide the overall support andtechnical assistance required by foreign companies looking to invest, expand, and operate a businessin Pennsylvania.
Pennsylvania will exhibit at Hannover Messe in the premier U.S. pavilion (Hall 3, Floor 6, Booth 22),sharing the space with three Pa. partners: Select Greater Philadelphia, Pittsburgh Regional Alliance,and CORE PA. Manufacturing is a legacy industry in Pennsylvania that continues to shine today.
Pennsylvania is the culmination of more than 200 years of revolutionary industry and intellect thatbegan with the birth of our country. Since then, our state has proved to be a crucible for bold andimaginative ideas and thinkers, resulting in longstanding, successful legacies that are now commonhousehold names across the United States. Businesses don’t just succeed in Pennsylvania, theybecome institutions! Visit with us at the show to learn more about why companies from all over theworld choose Pennsylvania and how we can help you succeed here too!
For more information on how Pennsylvania can assist investors, manufacturers, economic developmentorganizations, and more, visit www.newpa.com/intl and follow @investPA on Twitter.


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Craft Brewers Conference 2016

CERTUSS America will be participating at the Craft Brewers Conference (CBC) & BrewExpo America® in the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia on May 3-6, 2016 together with its partner Allied Beverage Tanks. http://alliedbeveragetanks.com/wp/

This annual event allows exhibitors and buyers to develop profitable business relationships and helps brewing and brewery restaurant professionals encounter the latest and best products and services that industry vendors have to offer.

We’ll be there to show ours!

Make sure to visit us at booth 1700!

More information can be found on the conference website: http://www.craftbrewersconference.com

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