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Textilpflege klaiber

Textilpflege klaiber

Textilpflege Klaiber


Textilpflege Klaiber, Schwenningen-Villingen


Energy-efficient, environmental-friendly steam production. Low operating costs. Complete system. Low maintenance and easy-to-use.


The steam generator supplies the washing line, washing machines, dryers and ironing tables.


The CERTUSS steam generators Univetrsal 500 – 2000 TC are characterized by the immediate output adjustment to the respective steam requirements which saves energy and thus costs. Notably simplified operation through self-explanatory touch screen menu navigation.


2012 : CERTUSS Universal 1500 TC with 100 BHP, with CVE supply unit, steam output 3307 lb/h, gas-fired.

Textilpflege klaiber

Our customer

Klaiber, the dry-cleaning company located in Villingen-Schwenningen, has been service provider for laundries and textile care industries and especially for laundries in hotels, hospitals and nursing homes for more than 80 years.

The order

One CERTUSS Universal 1500 TC with a supply unit CVE provides a Transferon batch washing line, several dryers and washing machines, a dry-cleaning machine Böwe as well as wringers and ironing tables.
Until 2014, the assets of the company were operated by an oil-fired 3-Ton water boiler from 1968. The main reason for the purchase of one modern, powerful and efficient steam generator was the expensive Start and Heat-up phases.
In competition, there were a new water boiler from Bosch Industries, a multiple steam unit based on water boiler concept and a CERTUSS steam generator. The owner of Klaiber asked for advice from installers and industry colleagues such as for example the laundry Alpirsbacher, which has been using a CERTUSS steam generator for 15 years.

Our solution

The company chose to go for a CERTUSS Universal 1500 TC gas-fired with a supply unit CVE and a steam output of 3307 lb/h. The CVE offers a ready-to-use installation of all the supplying components. It guarantees a quick and easy installation on site.

The advantages

The installer planned the switch from oil to gas and the use of a heat-exchanger. The energy-savings calculation estimated a saving of € 4.500,00 per month. This was exceeded. Today, the company saves € 5.000,00 per month in energy costs.

Also interesting !

Thanks to the switch of electricity and gas provider, Klaiber scored another one-saving of 2.500,00 €.

I am very satisfied with the quick implementation of the project by the plant engineer and CERTUSS. Thanks to the ready-to-use CVE (CERTUSS supply unit), the installation and commissioning could be accomplished over one weekend.
Thorsten Klaiber | Owner Textilpflege Klaiber